• Challenge:
    re-positioning and re-financing of a Bavarian dental technology company
    failed expansion
    in spite of a large real estate portfolio, liquidity problems and a negative rating occur
    consolidation of all debts incl. a partial hair-cut; concurrent implementation of change in generation and in legal company form
    preservation of all real estates for the client and realization of a master plan. Clearance of all liquidity issues and establishing of a long-term financing base. Subsequently, the rating will improve. The continued existence of company is now given.
  • Supporting a mid-size enterprise from Rhine-Main area in prevention of bank sanctions in a 15 Mio. € Real estate portfolio. Result: 33% reduction of loan valuta.
  • Hedging of real estate assets for a German abroad producing metal construction company by initiating. Result: loan reduction by a self-administered insolvency (comparable to chapter 11 insolvency in USA) and discounted real estate sale-off.
  • Creation of liquidity plan, refunding and immediate sale-off of parts of a privately owned real estate. Result: saving the general payment capacity of the owner family by valuta reduction quote of approx. 25%.
  • Realization of a new, structured financing of real estate portfolio to finish an inheritance fight. Result: saving the ownership of the asset with reduced loan.
  • Re-structuring of an Asset SPV: initial adaption of credit incl. hair-cut due to rent decrease in the asset. Parallel re-determination of company shares and participations due to retirement of a bankrupt shareholder.
    Result: credit reduction and restoring of a sustainable ability to pay the annuity.
  • Restructuring of a real estate portfolio in the Rhine-Main area. Result: More free liquidity for the owner.
  • Increasing of liquidity of a Southern German mid-size company for the purpose of financing several planned real estate measures within the own group. Result: Closing of a loan contract in millions secured by a former unencumbered existing real estate property.
  • Project communication for a leading German retail chain during developing their new headquarters facility. Result: creation of decision base for owner.
  • Nearly 100% financing of commercial real estate in the eastern Rhine-Main-Area. For this purpose, one of the former owners was “eliminated” by a buy-out and a part of the loan has been payed off at the former financing bank. Additionally, public funds have been integrated into the new financing and specifics of an inner-city tear-off plot have do been taken into consideration.
    Result: After our documents rework client received the loan commitment from the bank after only three weeks.
  • Project financing for and strategic expansion orientation of a German EPC contractor in plant construction.
  • Financial structuring and equity acquisition for biomass power plant projects in Germany.
  • Strategic and operative assistance (Lead Arranger & Consultant) of a successful realized M&A transaction. Our client, a German bionics company, has now, with this 100% take-over, an exclusive access to the intellectual and operative performance of one of his strategic suppliers, a laboratory and production enterprise in the micro-biological area.
  • Business planning for a sustainable biogenic supply concept of a leading German fuel management company.
  • Concept creation for expansion of a German utility provider into new markets.
  • Technology assessment and marketing for different cutting-edge products in the energy market (e.g. organic photovoltaic polymer films, fuel cells, vertical wind using mills, waste pyrolysis).
  • Project financing for and strategic expansion orientation of a German EPC contractor in plant construction.
  • Creation of a new business model and financing adjustment for an automotive company.
  • Developing a facility location strategy for a German machinery company.
  • Development and implementation of a global service strategy for a worldwide leading machine component manufacturer.
  • European market entry promotion of maintenance products and services for a German machinery company.